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"Home for Mom"

by Eloise Coopersmith

A FREE Community event! SUN FEB 23 @ 2:30pm THE FRIDA CINEMA 305 E. 4th St. #100 Santa Ana, CA 92701 Seating will be first-come, first-served. PARKING INFO HERE:

A musical inspired by personal family experiences dealing with aging parents’ dementia.

Join us as we welcome "HOME FOR MOM" — an afternoon celebrating bravery and the courage to tell your story, at any age, and through different media. At this special event, excerpts from the film version of Act I of the play will be projected, followed by a LIVE performance of Act II. Home for Mom, created by Eloise Coopersmith (books, lyrics, and executive producer), is the story of three families facing the challenge of making end of life choices with laughter, tears and love. The work originally written for stage and generated out of Breath of Fire’s incubating space, has been transformed into a digital musical series, directed by Emiliana Ammirata, and has gone on to receive screen awards, accolades and acknowledgements. “This musical was inspired by my own family experiences dealing with my parents’ dementia. At that time I looked around on film and television and there was nothing that reflected my experiences. Something to comfort me and give me that virtual hug. Why a musical? Well it makes a hard topic palatable-sometimes when are feelings are so deep, music is the only way we can express ourselves. Now here for you and your family is Home for Mom, a musical about finding the courage to brave…. at any age.” – Eloise Coopersmith, Home for Mom creator and Breath of Fire ensemble member. About Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble Breath of Fire Latina Theater Ensemble is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that serves as an incubator for underrepresented voices in theater from which these new works have emerged; believes in the transformative power of theater and aims to raise awareness of critical issues in the community; entertain and challenge; foster cross-cultural understanding; and be a catalyst for personal healing and social justice. Cast & Crew Directors (pictured above R to L): Yolanda Mendiveles (BOF Ensemble Member) and Camara Rauen Book/Lyrics Writer(pictured far right): Eloise Coopersmith (BOF Ensemble Member) Composer: Wayne Moore In order of appearance: Ellen: Sally Stevens, Jean: Lisa Dyson, Mack: Ben Horowitz, Davis: Philip Rodriguez, Maggie: Renee Wylder, Dee: Crissy Guerrero, Dr Anna: Angela Estela Moore, Marty: Richard Soto, Rosa: Denise Blasor, Mike: Scott Seiffert, Radio Producer: Anne Montavon This is a FREE community event, and the first of The Frida Cinema’s upcoming series of community presentations. supported. This project was funded in part by the City of Santa Ana – Arts & Culture Office.

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